• Antique Hickory Reclaimed Wood Flooring

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    Reclaimed Antique Hickory Flooring Details:
    Widths:  3" to 12" wide
    Thickness:  1/2", 5/8" or 3/4"
    Lengths:  2' to 12'
    Milled Profiles:  Tongue & Groove, Shiplap or Square Edge

    Reclaimed Antique Hickory Description:
    The sapwood is very pale and wide, with a dark reddish-brown sapwood.  Antique reclaimed hickory has richer tones and imperfections, sometimes with wormholes, making it one of our most stunning antique woods. Usually straight grained, but occasionally wavy or irregular, hickory has a somewhat coarse texture.  Hickory is a very strong wood that, if treated well, will last a lifetime with minimal wear.  Hickory is and was used frequently for tool handles, sporting equipment and high use flooring due to it’s durability and strength.

    Reclaimed Antique Hickory Flooring Specifications:
    Character:   Classic antique lumber characteristics
    Knot Content:  Variable
    Nail Hole Content:  Variable
    Heartwood Content:  Variable
    Certification:  FSC-Certified Recycled
    LEED Points:  Receive LEED Points for This Product

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