Our sales and specials page isn't just for showing off our great deals on our exceptional quality Reclaimed Wood Products. We think you will be pleasantly surprised by our prices, overall. Especially when you consider the lasting beauty of the product. It's in no hurry. It was a Victorian factory, or a WPA tear-down, or a railroad station. So, it can wait. But somebody out there is eyeing it. So maybe you shouldn't wait. 

Call us today, and spend some time with the wood that's waiting just for you.

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Wide Plank Wood Flooring

Prairie Harvest Reclaimed Wood Flooring
Antique Elm Reclaimed Wood Flooring
Old Growth Hardwood Hickory Traditional Flooring

Wood Paneling for walls and ceilings

Prairie Harvest Reclaimed Wood Paneling
Antique Elm Reclaimed Wood Paneling
Old Growth Hardwood Hickory Traditional Paneling

Countertops, Table Tops, and Bar Tops

Antique Douglas Fir Reclaimed Wood Tops
Antique Heart Pine Reclaimed Wood Tops
Antique Oak Rustic Reclaimed Wood Tops